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Sustainable Technology – Local and Global Perspectives

KTH Royal Institute of Technology Department of Sustainable Production Development together with Nobel Sustainability Trust is organizing the seminar -“Sustainable Technology – Local and Global Perspectives” on the 16th of May, at 1.pm – 4pm at KTH Södertälje.

The main aim and the objectives of the seminar are the following: First, we aim to initiate a discussion and dialogue on the issue and challenge of sustainable technologies on a general and global level. Second, the seminar wants to facilitate discussion, debate and dialogue on how to respond to the global challenge of sustainable and renewable energy and energy systems at the local level with the example of the Södertälje local economy. How can the local economies of the world make a contribution to the global challenge of sustainable energy and e.g. climate change mitigation?

We will have two keynote speakers, Professor Michael Nobel and Söderenergi CEO Karin Medin.
The seminar will also include a panel discussion with representation from different sectors and organisations in the Södertälje local economy.

An audience of 150 is allowed in, on a first come – first served basis.  – no entrance fee –


Click on the link below to see the schedule for the day:

Sustainable Technology-Energy – Local and Global Perspectives-2018


Joakim Granberg – Organizer
Phone: +46704955550

Jouni Korhonen – Organizer 
KTH Associate Professor Dr. Jouni Korhonen
Phone: +4670877045