Artificial Intelligence in Health Care – Improving Management of Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Rafiq Muhammad will present findings from a proof-of-concept study as part of his PhD project where they have developed a predictive decision support model to predict 30-day hospital readmissions in patients with multiple chronic conditions of diabetes, cardiovascular and kidney diseases.

The predictive decision support model used certain patients’ parameters such as diagnoses (ICD codes) and clinical procedures as predictors of the 30-day hospital readmissions. The model also identifies clinically significant distinct sub-types within patients with multiple chronic conditions. The model was developed by using patients’ administrative data obtained from Electronic Health Records at Danderyd Hospital.

The model has the potential to be developed

The model has the potential to be developed into a Clinical Decision Support System for patients with multiple chronic conditions to predict both clinical and health care operations management outcomes that can support health care professionals during the management of complex patients.

Rafiq Muhammad is a Medical Doctor by profession and specializes in health care management and quantitative data analyses Currently, he is in the last year of his PhD studies at the department of Learning Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME) at Karolinska Institutet, exploring the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in health care management.

Pamela Mazzocato, FoUUI-chef Södertälje Sjukhus, forskare inom medicinsk lednings- organisation och innovationskunskap vid Karolinska Institutet