Creating a sustainable city, let people’s voices be heard

Talk | Hållbar stad

How can we create a social and sustainable living environment for everyone?
Architect and artist Afaina de Jong the boundaries of traditional architectural planning by having an interdisciplinary approach that integrates art, research and design.

Citizen participation, art, culture and architecture constitutes important parts of what builds a sustainable city with diversity, functionality and beauty. Artist and architect Afaina de Jong has developed a method for creating community through architecture based on influence, collectivity and representation. Together with Grafikens Hus and Södertälje municipality, de Jong has created a public art pavilion, intended as an open stage and new meeting place in Södertälje.
The architecture and a graphic pattern that will adorn the pavilion has been developed by de Jong through research and in dialogue with groups in the local community.

Welcome to a lecture held by Afaina de Jong on feminism and representation in architecture and pattern making, and how to think about and plan for sustainable urban development together with citizens.

The conversation will continue in a panel discussion. Click here to read more and sign up.

This seminar will be held in English


Afaina de Jong

Architect and artist, Founder of the architectural agency and creative studio AFARAI