Who gets to plan and live in the city?

Talk | Hållbar stad

How can we approach architecture and urban development with norm-critical tools by highlighting stories, perspectives and bodies that are rarely represented in the public space?

Grafikens Hus invites artists and creators to a conversation about representation and feminism in architecture and urban development. The conversation will touch upon what we mean by a sustainable society as well as a joint exploration on how art and new technology can be potential change factors.

As part of the transformation of the northern part of Södertälje city center, Grafikens Hus and Södertälje municipality are collaborating with architect and artist Afaina de Jong to create a future meeting place and stage in Campusparken. Together with the local community, de Jong has developed the architecture as well as a graphic pattern that will adorn the pavilion.
The picture shows a 3D model of the pavilion. For Science Week 2020 artist and maker Jens Evaldsson, in collaboration Afaina de Jong, developed a 3D scanning workshop in which the local community in Södertälje as well as Science week visitors were invited to get 3D scanned and take place in the digital pavilion.


Programpunkten kommer att sändas på Zoom. Klicka här för att ansluta!


Namo Marouf

Moderator. Project manager, social sustainabiklity/urban planner, Ramboll

Afaina de Jong

Architect and artist, Founder of the architectural agency and creative studio AFARAI

Brady Burroughs

Teacher and researcher, KTH

Jens Evaldsson
Artist and maker
Lena From

Head of art projects, Public Art Agency Sweden

Nina Beckmann

director, Grafikens Hus

Sofi Cyréus

Urban Design Strategist, Södertälje Municipality