Realizing sustainability, are you green or greenwashed?

Arrangör: KTH

Many manufacturing companies are currently trying to realize sustainable development in their operations, and have soon learnt that this is not an easy task.

For example, how do you manage to balance short-term manufacturing objectives with long-term sustainability goals? In this session, you will get to know three panelists who have progressed in transforming manufacturing more sustainable. Hear them talk about their experiences, and listen to their views in a panel debate about the hardships and practical solutions to reach the new normal in manufacturing.


Roger Blezell

Head of Global SPS Office, Scania

Andrejs Sokolovs

Vd, Marcus Komponenter

Monica Bellgran

Professor, KTH

Magnus Löfstrand

Professor och ämnesansvarig i maskinteknik, Örebro Universitet